What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing? (Free SEM Ultimate Guide For 2020)


What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing? How is it different from SEO? Does it work together with SEO? 

These are the questions where people get confused because these terms have a similar meaning and even some of them believe that SEM and SEO are the same and belong to the same category.

Well, of course, they belong to the same category, but this doesn’t mean that they are the same. But both are used to get organic results from Search Engines.

So, in this post, I am going to answer all the questions and clarify all the doubts which you have at present.

Now let us understand what is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process of getting ranked on Search Engines (like Google, Bing, etc) for advertising through paid ads.

Another simple definition is “the process of marketing product/service through Search Engine Results (SERPs)”.

So, if you want to get high organic traffic (audience) from Search Engines and also have a good investment, then you can run Paid ads.

This type of marketing is very effective mainly for those who run small businesses and wants to get new customers and get more sales, i.e most of the people tend to buy products or services from Google or Bing.

SEM helps you to grow your business in a competitive field/niche. You can increase your sales or leads by focusing on appropriate and best keywords in which the users type the most in Search Engines.

Now let us understand what is Search Marketing?

What is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing is a broad category which contains subcategories like SEO and SEM.

So, Search Marketing can be defined as, “the marketing done through Search Engines”.

The above picture represents the category of Search Marketing.

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SEM vs SEO (The main difference between SEO and SEM)

Here is the main question arises “What is the difference between SEO and SEM?”

In short, these terms can be explained as,

SEM: SEM helps you to get organic traffic through paid methods.

SEO: SEO helps you to get organic traffic through free methods.

In the detailed view, these terms can be differentiated as,

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is a method of optimizing your website to rank organically in search results.

Whereas Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a method which is used to advertise/promote our products/services in the search results.

The common attribute of SEM and SEO is just increasing the visiblity in Search Engines.

Here you can also easily differentiate with the help of the image below.

Ads displayed on top search results
Paid results are displayed above the Organic results (free)

You need to remember that Paid results will be shown on the top over SEO results.

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I hope that you understood well about these terms. Now let us understand what is SEM Platforms.

SEM Platforms

SEM Platform is a place where you can place your ads to rank on their Search Engines.

The most widely used SEM Platforms are Google and Bing.

Google Adsense
Google Ads

Google Ads is the most widely used platform because every day millions of searches are been performed in this Search Engine. So, if you want to make your brand visible and get more sales or leads, then this is the best platform.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads claims to connect with 3 million searchers that Google can’t reach there. So, this is the best platform alternative to Google Ads. By using this platform, you can advertise to those who search some exclusive keywords only on Bing.

Why SEM is important?

If you want to advertise your products/services and boost your sales, then Paid Advertisement a good option because it appears on the top of the Search Results and the conversion rate will be relatively high when compared to free SEO websites.

SEM helps you by delivering your promotional content to the right targeted audience who searches in the search query of that particular Search Engine.

Facts of SEM

Here are some amazing facts on Search Engine Marketing.

  1. The customers claimed that they found local businesses, products and services about 65% on desktop search.
  2. 72% of customers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles.
  3. More than 1.3 million businesses, website publishers, and non-profits nationwide benefited from using Google’s advertising solutions.
  4. 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC.
  5. The top 4 ranking factors are website visits, bounce rate, pages per session and time spent on that site.


What is Search Engine Marketing?

To do marketing through Search Engine, you need to know about Paid Advertising. This will help you to choose the best keywords and their CPC (Cost Per Click).

This type of marketing (SEM) is best choice for those who wants to get good amount of targeted audience to their business.

It is also the best choice for those who are interested to spread/increase the awareness of your brand. With the help of SEM, you can also collect a good amount of leads which is more profitable to your business.

You can also earn decent amout of money through Affiliate Marketing. Promoting other’s products through paid Advertisement is also a good option if you have good investment.

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